Aetna Medicare 2018 Certification Details


  • 2018 certification starts July 11
  • Overview of 2018 ready-to-sell requirements
  • How you can help with Star Ratings

2018 Certification kicks off July 11

Starting July 11, you can complete the 2018 annual certification process for Aetna and Coventry Individual Medicare products (MA/MAPD, PDP). It’s one of the requirements you’ll need to complete to sell their 2018 products.

Why certify? You can save money. Their 2018 certification process includes AHIP and costs $125 – a savings of $50 off the retail price! Click here to learn more.

Review the ready-to-sell requirements for 2018 plans

To become “ready to sell” their 2018 MA/MAPD and PDP products and receive commissions, you’ll need to complete several requirements prior to marketing or selling.

Higher Star Ratings can mean better benefits

Did you know CMS awards funding to health plans that achieve high quality Star Ratings? The health plans, in turn, can use the funding to continue improving on services and quality of care provided to members.

Help Aetna get higher Star Ratings by encouraging your clients to achieve their best health. Encourage them to:

  • Talk with their doctors about their physical and mental health
  • Get a flu shot and use their no-cost gym membership benefit
  • Stay current with preventative screenings, tests and treatment
  • Ask for help when they have questions about their benefits

Please contact your Account Manager with any questions.

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