National General | 11/01/19 OK to Move to a Pre-Appointment State

This is to inform you that as of 11/01/2019, Oklahoma is moving to a pre-appointment state!

As National General moves closer to the 11/01 date, they want to let you know some of the moving parts!

On 10/24 marketing will be adding a blurb to the “in the loop” field communication to agents with roughly the below verbiage. The telephone number in the message is the Milwaukee Agency Services team at 888-376-3300.

“Effective 11/01/2019 Oklahoma will move to a pre-appointment state requiring state appointment prior to quoting and submission. If you have an active OK license and (1) have contracted with National General in the last 12 months OR (2) have written business with National General in the last 18 months, your OK appointment will be requested for you. If you have not contracted in the last 12 months or written business with National General in the last 18 months, you will need to contact National General to request an appointment prior to quoting and selling.”

Please note that requesting an agent’s appointment today will not allow the agent to automatically start quoting and submitting. Once the appointment is received, it will take until the next day when the appointment will be added to Coverage Builder. There is no way to appoint an agent, and have them immediately be able to quote on Coverage Builder. Also, starting 11/01, they will begin automatically appointing any agent on-boarding with an active OK license.

This is neither legal nor accounting advice. If you have questions, please consult a lawyer or accountant. The information included in this post was provided by the entity referenced herein.

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