National General | New Options and Product Changes Headed Your Way!

The following changes will be available for quoting on October 30, 2019, for October 31, 2019, and later effective dates, unless otherwise noted.

New STM Plans: New State, New Network!

New STM available in Illinois

Illinois members now have access to National General’s enhanced Short Term Medical offerings, including Essentials, Enhanced, Copay Enhanced, and Guaranteed Issue options, with no out-of-network cost sharing penalties and a maximum coverage term of 180 days.

NatGen is the first to offer clients network choice with STM plans.

They’re introducing the Cigna PPO network for the STM Enhanced PPO and Copay Enhanced PPO levels in the following states, with renewal and consecutive plan options in:

  • AL, AZ, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, OH, SC, and WI.

6-month plan options in:

  • MI, MT, and NV.

Please note, this is in addition to the Aetna PPO network offering and the Essentials PPO and Guaranteed Issue options are not available with the Cigna PPO network.

New benefit options for Plan Enhancer

National General’s Plan Enhancer Accident Medical Expense with optional Cancer & Heart/Stroke and Sickness Hospitalization riders has the following new benefit levels:  $6,000, $8,000, $8,150, $9,500, $11,500, $12,500, and $17,500. These new benefit options are available where Plan Enhancer with riders options is available, except Ohio.

New benefit levels are making it easier to pair with their Short Term Medical and any new ACA plan deductibles.

Medicare Supplement: Now in Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, and Wisconsin

Their Medicare Supplement Insurance is now available for quoting in Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin, and STATE. This brings NatGen’s total Medicare Supplement footprint up to 42 states!

Don’t forget the Med Sup bonus’ are still in play. Agents can earn extra cash for every Med Supp policy they sell through December 31!

TIC to NHIC Conversion

Simplification of National General’s portfolio continues. National Health Insurance Company now underwrites Dental Indemnity in the following states: Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, and Wyoming. Make sure your agents are all appointed with National Health Insurance Company to continue to sell these products.

New Product Introductions

  • New to Idaho: Dental Indemnity
  • New in California: Term Life Only
  • New in Louisiana: Critical Illness-Term Life

Important information regarding agent appointments for Oklahoma

Effective November 1, 2019, Oklahoma will move to a pre-appoint state. This means agents must have a state appointment prior to any quoting and submissions for all sales in this state.

For agents who currently have an active OK license and:

  1. have contracted with National General in the last 12 months, OR
  2. have written business with National General in the last 18 months,

The  Oklahoma appointment will be automatically requested for you.

For agents who have not contracted with National General in the last 12 months or written business with National General in the last 18 months, they must call to request an Oklahoma appointment prior to quoting and selling.

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