ACA Challenges & Our Advice to Agents

As a leader in the industry since being founded in 2001, GoHealth knows a thing or two about the ups and downs of the insurance industry. This year is no different; we’ve seen significant industry changes and ACA challenges, from rising premiums to declining sales commissions.

We recognize that these changes present unique challenges to agents. But fear not! We have advice on how to take these so-called challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth.

GoHealth’s Advice to Agents

Target Carriers and States with High Commission.

  • Examples: Anthem, Molina, HCSC

Expected commissions from each of these carriers are in line with previous commissions or are higher than previous years due to the increase in premiums. In addition, by adding each of these carriers you are immediately equipped to sell in over 20 states!

Target Areas with Low Competition.

  • Examples: Illinois, Florida, Oklahoma

Oklahoma only has a single carrier (HCSC), Illinois has traditionally been a state dominated by HCSC based on networks, and Molina is the lowest priced silver plan in Florida, a market with less competition than usual!

Cross Sell! Cross Sell! Cross Sell!

Our suggestion? Consider selling ancillary products, such as SecureAssist!

SecureAssist products lowers consumers’ costs, alleviating the burden of paying their entire deductible out-of-pocket. They’ll receive critical illness protection and a cash benefit if they incur a medical expense, saving them from out-of-pocket expenses!

In addition, consumers will have 24/7 access to doctors via phone or online chat, a personal healthcare concierge team, an extensive discount network for prescription medications and dental/vision services, and identity theft recovery services.

Major Changes Are Coming: Get Ready for Brokers to Serve a Greater Purpose in Coming Years.

All indications show that insurers are beginning to find ways to become profitable during OEP. We expect that trend to continue, which will create more need for brokers.

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