How to Increase Your Monthly Commission by 210%

The answer is simple. Attach SecureAssist to your Short-Term Medical Plans, and you could see your per-policy monthly commission increase by 210%.

What is SecureAssist?

SecureAssist is an intuitive phone, Web and mobile platform that enables consumers to make better health care decisions, saving them time and money. It’s also a profitable addition to your product mix!

When you attach SecureAssist to Short-Term Medical Plans, both you and the consumer win.

  • For consumers: Consumers save time and money with concierge support and discount services. In addition, with SecureAssist Plus and SecureAssist Total plans, they receive Critical Illness and Accident coverage to fill the gaps left in their high-deductible plans.
  • For agents: Your potential monthly commission increases by 210% when you simply attach SecureAssist to Short-term Medical plans! See below.

Increase commission

Partner with us today to learn more about SecureAssist products and how they will increase your commission rates!

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