Medicare Opportunities: How to Overcome 3 Major Roadblocks

Medicare opportunities are on the rise, but some agents are still hesitant to move into this space.

In the under-65 health market, producers are successful despite there being high deductibles and compressed commissions. How are they reaching success? And which business practices are also relevant for the over-65 health market?

The key to success for the under-65 health market is product diversity. Successful agents protect their clients from high out-of-pocket expenses while building residual income by bundling critical illness and accident products with major medical/short-term medical plans.

What truly sets a successful health insurance agent ahead of the pack is their ability to diversify as they navigate the 2016 landscape.

Now is the time to diversify your product offering to include over-65, Medicare opportunities!

Medicare Opportunities

There are an exceeding number of Medicare opportunities that exist in 2016.

For one, there’s already a need. Producers not currently in the senior product space constantly share how their under-65 individual and family clients have friends, relatives and coworkers that are in need of Medicare Supplement, Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans.

Another reason to diversify; the over-65 space sees more consistent, high-earnings than the individual and family market.

So why are more Agents not taking advantage of Medicare opportunities? What are the perceived roadblocks?

Feedback from non-Medicare producing agents indicates hesitancy in joining the senior-space due to three key factors:

  1. Cumbersome certification processes
  2. Concerns over compliance regulations
  3. Lead sourcing opportunities and costs

Fortunately, GoHealth has solutions to ease your transition into the Medicare market:

  1. Certification Guides
    • AHIP and carrier-specific guides to aid in navigating seemingly complicated certification processes
  2. Compliance Resources/Job Aids
    • Guides and trainers available to teach agents the CMS-compliant processes for meeting with consumers, presenting their options and facilitating their enrollments
  3. Lead Sourcing Expertise
    • Industry-leading knowledge in senior-lead sourcing options

Ready to explore new Medicare opportunities? Contact GoHealth to get started today!

Medicare has neither reviewed nor endorsed this information.

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