New UHC Email Paper Applications

New! Email Paper Applications

When you use LEAN™ from your laptop or tablet, completing applications quickly and accurately is a simple and hassle-free online experience:


  • Uploads in hours vs. the days it takes for paper applications
  • Built-in election period, service area and plan logic
  • Can’t submit without a signature
  • Emailed enrollment receipt
  • Quicker issue resolution

Email Paper Applications
While LEAN™ is your go-to electronic enrollment tool for all UnitedHealthcare Medicare plans, occasionally you need to handle paper applications.

UnitedHealthcare is now accepting paper applications by email (for most UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage and all Prescription Drug Plans with 2018 effective dates).

How to Email a Paper Enrollment Application or Scope of Appointment to UnitedHealthcare:

  1. Verify the application can be emailed by referring to the 2018 Paper Enrollment Application Submission Instructions.
  2. Convert application to non-editable PDF or TIFF (no greater than 15 MB).
  3. Attach to email (email must not exceed 15 MB).
  4. Send via secure email to Failure to do so may result in corrective and/or disciplinary action.

Note: If you do not have access to secure email, send request for access to secure email to Do not send the application to PHD. The PHD will send to you a secure email in return, which will enable you to access and register to use the secure email service.
Smart Tip: Bookmark the secure email so you easily access it.

  1. You will immediately receive an email from which confirms your email was delivered.
  2. Expect a confirmation email (1-4 hours) with a listing of the file(s) received by Conduent (formerly Xerox) for processing. Note: While all files received will be listed, only those with a “,.pdf” and a “.tiff” extension will be processed. All others must be re-submitted as “,.pdf” and/or “.tiff”.

Reminder! As you know, enrollment applications contain PHI. Please follow these secure email steps to ensure PHI is protected when sending by email.

Questions? Read the Email Paper Applications FAQ.

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