August 2016

What a Medicare Policy Is Really Worth

Today, there is an urgency and need for agents to write Medicare policies.

Medicare is by far and wide a more stable market and the value agents can earn writing a Medicare policy is greater than writing an under-65 policy.

While some agents have been hesitant to enter the market, we know how you can clear any hurdles in your way. Once you see the value of a Medicare policy, you’ll know it’s all worth it.

Medicare vs. Major Medical policy

What’s the Value of a Health Insurance Agent Today?

Before Open Enrollment. Upon termination of a plan. Amidst constant CMS and industry changes. What do these unique situations all have in common? They are all times in which an experienced health insurance agent is needed.

In addition, everyone in the United States today is now required to have health insurance or else face a fine of 2.5% of income or $695 (whichever is higher). This too creates an increase in opportunity for health insurance agents.

Not convinced?

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