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The GoHealth Virtual Marketing Organization Is Your Solution for Success

Offering a suite of both over-65 senior and under-65 individual and family carriers, GoHealth VMO has one goal in mind: Growing  your business.

GoHealth partners with the strongest carriers in the market to meet your needs.

Tell us about yourself. I am…

Agents new to the industry typically do not have the time, collateral, or resources to start a business their own.

GoHealth is here to support with the tools you need:

Experienced agents that are ready to turn their business up a notch should turn to GoHealth.

GoHealth is here to support with the tools you need.

Agencies looking to expand their business can take advantage of resources and incentives from GoHealth.

GoHealth is here to support with the tools you need.


The cash you need to
start and grow your business

Product Training
& Support

The knowledge you need to
succeed and stay in-the-know

Lead Program

We provide you with the leads you
need to fuel your business


Access to the nation’s
top carriers!

Insurance leads that fuel agent success.

GoHealth VMO invests in you by providing high-quality leads you need to increase sales and succeed.

We offer both under- and over-65 health leads in the form of shared, exclusive or live transfers. You have the power to select the leads to make your business stronger!

Live Transfer Leads

Consumer’s interest is verified over the phone by live screeners and immediately connected to you.

Shared Leads

Consumer information is delivered via e-mail so you can follow up with that individual on the go.

Exclusive Leads

Like shared leads, consumer information is delivered via e-mail so you can follow up with that individual on the go. The difference? These leads are exclusively yours!

  • Guaranteed connection
  • Pre-screened consumers
  • Improved closing ratios: 30-55% conversion by agents who offered on and off-exchange products!
  • Information is never incentivized or oversold
  • Data is sold to an average of only 2-3 agents
  • Act quickly: The first agent to contact the lead is 22x more likely to make a sale!
  • Information is never incentivized or oversold
  • Consumer data sent only to you, never shared
  • Act quickly: Consumers use almost 12 sources for health insurance information online. Position yourself as the go-to resource!

Technology that boosts agent productivity.

The GoHealth Marketplace and BrokerOffice solutions boost your production, management insight, and bottom line.


With the GoHealth Marketplace, VMO agents can instantly quote health insurance rates, compare plans, calculate tax subsidies, and directly enroll consumers in on- and off-exchange, short-term medical, fixed benefit, and ancillary health plans, The GoHealth Marketplace is truly your best solution for offering the highest quality service for your clients!


BrokerOffice – the #1 lead management tool for health insurance agents. BrokerOffice simplifies lead tracking, allowing you to manage your prospects and customers more efficiently in one central location!

With the GoHealth BrokerOffice CRM Solution, you can:

  • Distribute leads efficiently
  • Monitor activity
  • Analyze your performance
  • Increase your conversions

Incentive programs that
reward you for your hard work

GoHealth regularly hosts incentive trips, sale contests and promotions to help you reach success.

Annual Incentive Trips

How to qualify:

Agents who earn a set amount of points, which are earned by issuing policies during the set contest period, are invited to join us at our annual destination trip.

Next trip:

The Bahamas!

Contests and Promotions

Contests and Promotions

GoHealth sponsors monthly and quarterly contests featuring lead giveaways and cash bonuses.

Contests and Promotions

Agents have access to sales contests hosted by our national carrier partners.

Are you ready to boost your income? Join the GoHealth VMO team today!

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