The Annual Election Period Is Almost Here!

The Medicare Annual Election Period is upon us! Are you prepared?

For your over-65 consumers, the annual election period is critical for reviewing and changing plans.

For agents, the annual election period is crucial for maintaining your book of business and increasing your income! Medicare products offer a higher lifetime value, a longer payback period than under-65 plans, and are worth 7x’s more (on average) than a major medical policy.

Curious about the future of Medicare enrollments? According to CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) enrollment in Medicare and Medicaid increased to 119 million in 2014, and it could rise again to 150 million in 2025. This, and the fact that Medicare is by far and wide a more stable market than under-65 right now, should be all the reason you need to get involved.

For a successful AEP, be sure to review the important dates and reminders below!

Annual Election Period

Ready to take on this Annual Election Period? Contact GoHealth to get started (before it’s too late)!

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