What’s The Value of a Health Insurance Agent Today?

  • Before Open Enrollment.
  • Upon termination of a plan.
  • Amidst constant CMS and industry changes.

What do these unique situations all have in common? They are all times in which an experienced health insurance agent is needed by individuals. Agents can use these times to make an impact on individuals and provide value upon their plan selection.

The Overall Need

In addition to those situations, everyone in the United States today is now required to have health insurance. If they don’t, individuals will face a fine come tax time of 2.5% of income or $695 (whichever is higher, https://www.healthcare.gov/). This does two things:

  1. Motivates individuals to get insured
  2. Increases demand for professional guidance from an experienced health insurance agent, like you.

Industry Activity

Just take a look at the activity during last year’s open enrollment period:

Saving Clients Money

By helping your clients switch plans, you could be saving them an average of $42 per month in premium costs; equivalent to over $500 in annual savings. (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services)

Make an Impact

Be the health insurance agent to make that impact! Contact GoHealth to learn how you can provide the best service to your clients today, or check out our industry leading technology and lead offerings: GoHealth Marketplace (our user-friendly shopping and enrollment technology), GoHealth BrokerOffice (lead management tool for health insurance agents), and health and senior insurance leads (delivered right to you).

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