What a Medicare Policy Is Really Worth

Today, there is an urgency and need for agents to write Medicare policies. What’s more is that the value agents can earn writing a Medicare policy is greater than writing an under-65 policy. How much more, you ask?

A Medicare policy is worth on average 7x’s the major medical policy and can last up to 6–10 years.

Medicare products offer higher lifetime value with a longer payback period than under-65 plans

Medicare Policy Value

A More Stable Market

Additionally, Medicare is by far and wide a more stable market than under-65. Just look at Aetna’s recent announcement about 2017, and how they will be in just 242 counties (down from 778) and remain on-exchange in just four states: Delaware, Iowa, Nebraska, and Virginia.

Worried about potential roadblocks in Medicare? Don’t be. We know how you can overcome 3 roadblocks which agents have indicated has slowed them from moving into this space.

Non-Medicare producing agents indicate these three factors as the source of their hesitancy:

  1. Cumbersome certification processes
  2. Concerns over compliance regulations
  3. Lead sourcing opportunities and costs

Fortunately, GoHealth has the solutions to ease your transition:

  1. Certification Guides
    1. AHIP and carrier-specific guides to aid in navigating seemingly complicated certification processes
  2. Compliance Resources/Job Aids
    1. Guides and trainers available to teach agents the CMS-compliant processes for meeting with consumers, presenting their options and facilitating their enrollments
  3. Lead Sourcing Expertise
    1. Industry-leading knowledge in senior-lead sourcing options

Ready to overcome these roadblocks and increase the value of your policies? Contact GoHealth to get started today.

Medicare has neither reviewed nor endorsed this information.

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