HIIQ | New Required Test

Effective May 1, 219, HIIQ is releasing a new course in the Agent Training Center (ATC):

This course is mandatory for all agents. Existing agents will have 90 days to complete. New agents (those contracted on/after 5/1/2019), will have 45 days to complete. Failure to complete the course will cause all coordinating codes for the agent to become suspended (HIIQ has added the agent status “Suspended”, to counteract the “Active” and “Inactive” agents). Suspended agents will still have access to the back office, where they will be able to access the ATC to complete the required course(s).

On 5/1/2019, all existing active agents will receive an email notification and back office prompt, alerting them of the course requirements. They have scheduled suspension notifications and prompts at the 30, 15, and 1 day mark, for all agents who have not completed the course requirement.

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