Cigna Enhanced Provider Look-Up Tool is Live!

The enhancements will make your selling experience easier than ever before.

As Cigna recently announced, their new and improved provider look-up tool is live! The tool now includes better provider information, a smarter search function, and faster capabilities.

Watch Cigna’s promotional video here to learn more about the new features in their enhanced provider look-up tool.

Cigna has also created a Provider Lookup Tool Guide to help guide you as you use their new look-up tool. Make sure to log in to Producers’ University first before clicking the link above to access the guide.

You can find the guide by visiting the Resource Center in Producers’ University as well. Once there, navigate to Tools and Technology > Lookup and Search Tools > Provider Lookup Tool Guide.

If you have any questions regarding their new and improved provider look-up tool, please reach out to the Cigna Agent Resource Line (CARL) or your local Broker Manager.

Cigna Agent Resource Line (CARL)


7 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday

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